Public Defender Meets Residents of Kabali, Uzuntala and Baisubani

On April 12, 2024, the Public Defender of Georgia visited the Lagodekhi municipality in the Kakheti region and met the residents of three villages - Kabali, Uzuntala and Baisubani.

The Public Defender listened to the issues relevant to the local population, including the ethnic minority, and talked to them about the activities of the Public Defender and the issues reviewed in the parliamentary report. The Public Defender focused on early marriage and engagement and noted that a systemic approach was needed from both the State and the society to respond to that challenge.

The population mainly spoke about the need to improve the road and water supply infrastructure, as well as the lack of kindergartens and their geographical accessibility. In addition, the need for the development of sports and cultural facilities was emphasized for the village, especially for the youth, as well as the need to increase funding in this regard.

In Baisubani, the Public Defender spoke to the young people about human rights and freedoms, the right to education, the importance of protecting children's rights and other issues. He also answered the young people’s questions.

The Public Defender constantly meets with regional population of Georgia, informs them of their rights situation and offers solutions to the existing problems to the local and central authorities.

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