About the Department

• Provides centralized recording of material assets of the office;
• Carries out control over protection of material assets of the office;
• Provides correct management and detailed analysis of the finances of the office; develops proposals for elimination of deficiencies;
• Carries out supervision of accounting of financial and material assets and liabilities of the office, conducts discussion and analysis of quarterly/annual reports, develops proposals on elimination of deficiencies;
• Specifies quantity of goods to be purchased by the office during the year;
• Controls tender announcement procedures and cooperates with tender commissions;
• Prepares tender related documents, draws up contracts to be signed with legal and physical persons that win tenders and submits them to Deputy Public Defender; inspects implementation of tender contracts;
• Takes steps for technical and methodological improvement of the existing accounting system in accordance with modern standards;
• Makes a draft budget of the office;
• Supervises expenditures of the budget, prepares quarterly and annual financial and statistical reports;

Woking Hours: Monday–Friday 9:00–18:00
Hot line: 1481 (24/7)