About the Department

The Department is a primary structural unit of the Public Defender's Office of Georgia and acts on behalf of the Public Defender of Georgia when performing its functions. The Department is accountable to the Public Defender of Georgia and the First Deputy Public Defender, who exercise official supervision over it in accordance with the established procedure. The aim of the Department is to bring the activities of the Public Defender's Office in line with legislation, manage and develop human resources, find motivated and qualified staff that share the values of the organization.

The functions of the Department are to:

  • Advise the Public Defender of Georgia, Deputies of the Public Defender and structural units of the Office on legal issues;
  • Represent the Public Defender and the Public Defender’s Office in administrative bodies and common courts;
  • Draft internal acts (statute, internal regulations, organizational orders), individual administrative-legal acts and legal documents;
  • Legally examine/endorse documents drawn up in the Office, except for the documents referred to in Articles 14 and 21 of the Organic Law of Georgia on the Public Defender of Georgia;
  • For the purpose of representing the Office, draw up statements, claims, counterclaims, appeals, cassation claims and counterclaims, grievances and private grievances, other arbitration and judicial procedural documents provided for by legislation of Georgia;
  • Make analysis of individual disputes involving the Office;
  • Register court disputes and create a unified information bank;
  • Manage case proceedings relating to non-fulfillment of the legal request of the Public Defender;
  • Review the complaints received by the Office relating to the performance of staff;
  • Define and implement the human resource management and development policy and strategy;
  • Create and develop the human resource management methodology;
  • Attract human resources, recruit staff and/or organize competitions, draft orders on appointments, relocations, dismissals, promotions, disciplinary measures, leaves and business trips, sign labour contracts;
  • Based on job analysis, determine the qualification requirements for each position and coordinate the process of compiling job descriptions;
  • Create and administer a database on employees, compile and process personal files, and controll the submission/registration of documents under legislation of Georgia;
  • Draft staff-related orders and maintain the relevant register;
  • Create and implement the employee career advancement, motivation and appraisal systems and submit proposals on measures to be taken to the management;
  • Organize an internship system to train highly qualified personnel, promote their professional development and improve their practical skills; manage internship-related matters and oversee the internship process;
  • For the human resource management purposes, process the relevant data and produce electronic databases;
  • Initiate and organize activities necessary for the development of human resources;
  • Analyze the compliance of employees’s remuneration with their jobs and submit the analysis to the management;
  • Discuss and relevantly respond to the issues raised by the employees relating to their working conditions;
  • Introduce a modern performance appraisal system and monitor the appraisal process, plan/organize professional development of employees and search for relevant resources for this purpose;
  • Organize activities for the development of teamwork and informal relationships among employees;
  • Review correspondence and prepare replies within the scope of its authority;
  • Develop specific proposals of structural, staffing, normative and technical nature and submit them to the management;
  • Resolve issues related to the health insurance of the staff of the Office;
  • Produce-administer an electronic table for recording the use of working time;
  • Manage/administer an electronic human resource management programme;
  • Perform other functions that are inherently related to the specifics of the Department.
Woking Hours: Monday–Friday 9:00–18:00
Hot line: 1481 (24/7)