What is a Public Defender (Ombudsman)?
The Public Defender (ombudsman) is the constitutional institute, which supervises protection of human rights and freedoms within the territory of Georgia, reveals the facts of violations, and facilitates restoration of violated rights.

When to apply to the Public Defender (Ombudsman)?
You can apply for redress to the Public Defender when your (or someone else's) rights and freedoms are in the process of being or have been violated under the Georgian Constitution and/or law and/or international treaties and covenants to which Georgia is the party. Violation of rights may occur by the actions of government officials, representatives of state authority, local self governing bodies, state establishments, NGOs, enterprises, officials and legal entities. The Public Defender is not entitled to review an application or claim on which he has already made a decision unless presented with a different set of facts and circumstances about the claim.

How can the Ombudsman help me?
If your rights are violated, the Public Defender can:
• Send recommendations to the state body, official or legal person, whose actions violated your rights;
• If the Public Defender feels a crime has been committed, submit materials possessed by him to the investigating unit;
• Submit proposals to relevant agencies regarding disciplinary or administrative procedures of its employees whose action(s) violated your rights and freedoms;
• Inform mass media about violations of human rights and freedoms;
• Publish information on violations of human rights in special reports and annual reports.

Is the assistance provided by the Public Defender (Ombudsman) free of charge?
The application and the claim are not taxed. The service provided by the Public Defender to the interested party is free of charge.

Where can I apply to the Public Defender with my complaint?
The following offices of the Public Defender are available throughout the Georgia for this purpose:Contact information

Woking Hours: Monday–Friday 9:00–18:00
Hot line: 1481 (24/7)