Mediation Training for Employees of Public Defender's Office

In June 2024, with the support of the USAID/Georgia Rule of Law Program, employees of the Public Defender’s Office of Georgia were trained on mediation issues.

One of the important powers of the Public Defender, as a national anti-discrimination mechanism, is to conduct an oral hearing and settle disputes between the parties. In order to conduct this process effectively, it is necessary to fully possess the practical skills relating to mediation.

MediatorsAssociation member and mediator Veko Dodashvili introduced training participants to the principles and techniques of mediation, tactics of developing skills necessary for conducting effective communication, managing conflicts and negotiations, and reaching a mutually beneficial agreement. Representatives of the Public Defender discussed practical examples and cases at the meetings.

Woking Hours: Monday–Friday 9:00–18:00
Hot line: 1481 (24/7)