Special Reports

Monitoring Results for Shelters of Human Trade (Trafficking) and Domestic Violence Victims

In 2016, the Department of Gender Equality at the Office of the Public Defender of Georgia, with the support of UN Women, undertook a monitoring of all government shelters for victims of domestic violence and human trafficking in Georgia.

The purpose of the monitoring of the shelters was to evaluate existing conditions in the shelters, and to determine if the human rights of shelter beneficiaries are being guaranteed in accordance with national and international standards. Given the growing number of instances of domestic violence and violence against women in the country, the government needs to place more importance on providing effective services for victims and mechanisms to protect victims from repeat instances of violence.

The results of the monitoring reveal that violence protection services unambiguously need to be refined. In addition, services are needed to strengthen victims socially and economically, including services to assistant victims in achieving independent living and finding a job.

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