NPM Advisory Council

The objective of the Advisory Council is to foster an effective functioning and transparency of the National Preventive Mechanism. The Council consists of the representatives of the Public Defender's Office. representatives of international and local non-governmental organizations working in the sphere of torture prevention and criminal justice as well as by invited members from academia. The composition of the invited members of the Council is approved by the Public Defender of Georgia for two years.

Council members meet every six months to hear information about the activities of the National Preventive Mechanism. In addition, the Public Defender presents its views on the various activities carried out by the National Preventive Mechanism. Including, the working methodology, thematic studies, trainings and various strategic documents of the National Preventive Mechanism.

On top of that, Invited Board members contribute to the National Preventive Mechanism in strengthening communication with academia, donor organizations, and other stakeholders. The opinion of the Council is of a consultative nature.

Woking Hours: Monday–Friday 9:00–18:00
Hot line: 1481 (24/7)