Public Defender Visits So-Called Dream City in Batumi

On July 17, 2023, Public Defender Levan Ioseliani visited the so-called Dream City in Batumi and met its residents. Infrastructural problems remain to be the main challenge in a settlement that has existed since 2012. There is still no sewage system, no road, while the electrical wiring is so poorly installed, that it poses a threat to the population living in the area, including children.

According to the residents of the Dream City, they do not know what criteria will be used to accommodate them in a new building that the self-government is building, since the building is designed for only 580 families, while at this stage about 1500 families live in the settlement. Accordingly, the population demands legal guarantees that every family will be provided with an apartment.

In the same area, the Public Defender visited the residential building of the former military unit, where more than 30 families have settled in arbitrarily. The building is on the verge of collapse, which makes it dangerous to live in, especially for children, older people and persons with disabilities.

The Public Defender has been studying the situation of the Dream City for years and has been constantly addressing the relevant authorities with recommendations, however, the population still lives in unbearable conditions. The Public Defender’s Office continues to work on the issue.

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