Statement of Public Defender and Councils of National Minorities and Religions of Public Defender

There have been periodic hostilities between Armenia and Azerbaijan in recent decades. The conflcit between our neighboring states and the tragedy of the killed and affected persons and displaced families is a deep pain for us, citizens of Georgia.

After gaining independence, the development of the Caucasusian states has been largely hampered by bloody conflicts. The history shows that it is easy to start a conflict in the Caucasus, but unfortunately, it is difficult to show enough will for their peaceful resolution. The wars in the Caucasus have claimed the lives of thousands of people over the past 30 years.

The homeland of Georgian citizens is Georgia. Therefore, we are obliged to show peace, tolerance and support for each other and to request the same from the government.

We urge all citizens of Georgia - all those who value peace and security in Georgia and in the region - to refrain as much as possible from using hate speech on ethno-religious or other grounds, including via social networks.

We call on the media to be careful with disseminating the kind of information that may fuel or even slightly escalate tension between ethnic groups.

We call on the state agencies to actively cooperate with representatives of relevant ethnic groups, community and religious leaders and organizations in order to maintain and strengthen tolerant environement in our country and in the region.

Every human life is precious to us. The parties to the conflict and the international community must do their best to stop hostilities and provide solid guarantees of peace.

The statement is signed by:

Members of the Council of Religions under the Public Defender

Evangelical-Baptist Church

Yezidi Spiritual Council of Georgia

Evangelical Church of Georgia

Apostolic Administration of Latin Catholics of Caucasus

Evangelical Lutheran Church

Faith Gospel Church

DioceseofArmenian Apostolic Orthodox Church inGeorgia

Word of Life Evangelical Church

Holy Trinity Protestant Church

Redeemed Christian Church

Georgian Muslims Union

Supreme Theological Adminsitration of Georgia’s All Muslims

Salvation Army

Society of Friends Quakers

Swedenborgian Community in Georgia

Seventh-day Adventist Church

Union of Georgian Jews

Ahmadiyya Muslim Association of Georgia

Members of the Council of National Minorities of the Public Defender

Zaur Khalilov - Civil Integration Foundation

Mari Arakelova - Union of Armenians of Georgia

Mari Mikoyan - GENERATION I

Leila Mamedova - Union of Azerbaijani Youth of Georgia

Van Bayburt – “Vrastan” newspaper

Khaladin Elchuev – “Gurjistan” newspaper

Susana Khachatryan – “Shushanik” Association of Armenian Women of Georgia

Leila Suleimanova - Union of Azerbaijani Women

Ekaterine Bitkash – “Nineveh”

Rima Garibiani - Open Borders

Gary Augst - “Ainung” Association of GermansofGeorgia

Garold Schmaltzel – “Zlata Prague” Czech Community of Georgia

Lili Safarova - Women's Rights Community Initiative

Ali Aliyev – “Avani” Union of Avars

Nona Khangoshvili - Community Union for the Welfare of Pankisi

Alexey Bakholdin – “Siabri” International Union of Belarus

Zarikha Khangoshvili – “Marshuo” Union of Young Kist Women of Pankisi

Eugenia Cotanidi - Greek Federation of Georgia

Farkhad Musaev - Union of Azerbaijanis of Georgia for Reforms and Development

Naira Bepieva - Caucasian Mosaic International Society

Boris Sinyuk – “Dnieper” Association of Ukrainians of Georgia

Mikheil Boris - Association of Ukrainians of Georgia

Regina Iakobidze – “Ave-Sol” Society of Latvians of Georgia

Genrich Muradian - Union of Armenians of Georgia

Mikheil Avakian - "You"Association

Marine Solomonishvili – “Lea” International Foundation for Jewish Women

Maria Filina - “Polonia” Union

Margalita Khidirbegishvili - International Georgia for Peace and Environment

Ali Mammedov - Kvemo Kartli Civil Society Development Institute

Giorgi Tumasyan - Peace Foundation

Mikheil Aidinov - Union of Russian-Language Journalists

Sabina Talibova - "Dove" Union

Venera Martkoplishvili - "Roma" Union in Kakheti

Beka Neshumashvili - "Udi"

David Adamov - Assyrian National Congress of Georgia

Alexander Bezhentsev - Georgian International Youth Association

Alla Bezhentseva - "Yaroslavna" Union of Russian Women of Georgia

Raina Akhalkatsishvili/Beleva - Bulgarian Community in Georgia

Eter Topchiashvili/Gigineishvili - "Kesher" Project

Arnold Stefanian - General Civic Movement Multinational Georgia

Agit Mirzoev - Center for Participation and Development

Zaur Gumashvili - Union of Elders of Pankisi Gorge

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Hot line: 1481 (24/7)