Public Defender's Statement relating to Attacks on Citizens

The Public Defender of Georgia echoes the attacks against citizens in the evening hours of May 8, 2024, and once again refers to the threats mentioned in the assessment published by the Public Defender’s Office on May 8.

The Public Defender emphatically reminds everyone that no matter how unacceptable a different and critical opinion might be, persecuting people, intimidating their family members, including minor children, and physically retaliating against citizens are criminal acts, which require an immediate and effective response from the relevant law enforcement agencies. It is important for every such violence to be given a strict and appropriate response by the State. Similar cases should not take the form of mass organized persecution and violence, which is incompatible with the principles of a democratic and legal state based on human rights.

The Public Defender once again calls on the law enforcement bodies to respond immediately and provide public with information on the measures implemented.

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