Public Defender Positively Evaluates Situation at Checkpoints

Public Defender positively evaluates the situation at the checkpoints set up for the quarantine purposes in Marneuli, Rustavi and Mtskheta. Representatives of the Public Defender's Office visited the checkpoints, where servicemen of the Defense Forces are deployed together with representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, on April 14, 2020.

Representatives of the Public Defender talked to the military, received information about their working conditions and health care procedures. They also viewed field tents, medical facility and living places in order to assess the sanitary-hygienic conditions. In addition, they asked questions about the work schedule of the military servicemen, type of medical examination, supply of medical and protective equipment and observance of hygienic norms.

Representatives of the Public Defender's Office particularly attentively monitored the procedures carried out by the military towards citizens at the checkpoints.

As the monitoring showed, the military personnel are provided with sufficient protective equipment (masks, gloves, face shields, gowns), which they dispose in special bins after each shift. Temperatures of the servicemen are checked daily, before they start working and after they return to the military unit. Three-time shift for 24 hours allows the military personnel to rest in the sleeping tent. They are provided with meals (dry food) in the dining tents three times a day. Bio-toilets and washbasins are installed on site. Disinfectant containers are installed near medical and living tents, which are disinfected daily.

The inspection made it clear that representatives of the Defense Forces thoroughly follow all instructions and do not abuse power towards citizens.

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