Public Defender Proposes to Increase Social Subsidy for Persons Affected on April 9, 1989

On June 13, 2023, the Public Defender of Georgia addressed the Prime Minister of Georgia with a proposal to increase the social subsidy provided for by Georgian legislation for persons affected during the crackdown on the peaceful rally held in Tbilisi on April 9, 1989, where participants demanded the independence of Georgia.

It is indicated in the proposal that considering the growing economic and social needs, the monthly social subsidy provided for persons affected on April 9 cannot be considered as special care by the State. In particular, the relevant subsidy is GEL 44 for persons with disabilities and GEL 22 for other persons. The amount of the mentioned subsidy sharply diminishes the merit of the participants in the April 9 rally before the Georgian State and does not put them under special care, which is regulated by the preamble of the Law of Georgia on Recognition and Social Protection of Persons Affected during the Crackdown on the Peaceful Rally Demanding the Independence of Georgia on April 9.

Accordingly, the Public Defender of Georgia called on the Prime Minister of Georgia to consider the possibility of increasing the amount of the social subsidy provided for in subparagraphs "l", "m" and "n" of Article 4 of Decree No. 4 of the Government of Georgia of January 11, 2007.

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