Special Reports

Special Report on Situation of Equality and Combating and Preventing Discrimination

The Public Defender has prepared a presentation of the 7th annual report on equality. The report highlights obstacles faced by women, persons with disabilities, members of religious and ethnic minorities, LGBT+ community and other vulnerable groups in terms of the realization of their right to equality in 2021. The report also assesses the compliance of Covid regulations with the right to equity; shortcomings in the social protection system in terms of the protection of the right to equality and cases of violation of labour rights in civil service due to political opinions during the pre-election period. At the end of the report, recommendations are offered to the relevant agencies.

In the reporting period, the Public Defender examined 161 cases of alleged discrimination, most of which - 17% - concerned alleged discrimination based on political opinion. Cases of alleged discrimination on the grounds of sex/gender accounted for 16%. The grounds of dissenting opinion and disability were found in 11-11% of cases respectively. 7% of applications concerned sexual orientation and/or gender identity, 6% - nationality/citizenship, 4% - religion, 3-3% - ethnicity and age respectively. The largest proportion of cases - 22% - still concerned alleged discrimination on other grounds. In 2021, the Public Defender issued 15 recommendations and 10 general proposals on equality issues and prepared 2 amicus curiae briefs.

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