Special Reports

Special Report on Analysis of Femicide and Attempted Femicide Cases of 2021

The present special report was drawn up by the Public Defender’s Office of Georgia within the framework of the femicide monitoring mechanism and it analyzes the cases of femicide and attempted femicide that occurred in 2021.

The Public Defender of Georgia, within the framework of the femicide monitoring mechanism, examines the cases of killings, attempted killings and suicides of women on the basis of the pre-developed methodology. The purpose of the monitoring is to assess administration of justice on crimes of femicide and attempted femicide and to reveal the shortcomings of the measures implemented by the state agencies. The application of victim assistance mechanisms in the process of administration of justice on crimes of domestic violence was also evaluated during the monitoring.

It is welcome that during the reporting period, the Prosecutor General's Office of Georgia actively classified crimes committed against women's lives as gender-based crimes. However, there were still cases where the crime was committed on the grounds of gender, although the action was not classified relevantly.

It is also welcome that the number of convictions for gender-based crimes increased during the reporting period. However, the misassessment of risks by the court and the commission of a more serious crime by the offender, accused of attempted femicide and released on bail, remain a sad practice.

We hope that the findings and recommendations laid down in the report will be taken into account in the process of planning and implementing the state policy against femicide.

The special report was prepared within the framework of the UN Woman project "Joint United Nations Program for Gender Equality".

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