Information Bulletin

August-September Information Bulletin, 2015

The Public Defender presented a combined bulletin of August and September. The document reviews Public Defender’s recommendations and proposals, which were submitted to the relevant agencies for further response, as well as Public Defender’s public statements on the issues of particular importance in terms of protection of human rights.

The bulletin contains the results of the monitoring carried out in closed institutions as well as information about special reports; Public Defender's meetings with representatives of the Government and international organizations, as well as meetings with representatives of the local government and residents of Tusheti region; Public Defender’s initiatives concerning the existing challenges and solutions.

The bulletin offers a novelty too. In particular, thematic index has been added to the statistical data of applications showing the distribution of applications among the units of the Public Defender's office. The index shows the areas of particular importance in terms of human rights and will help the Public Defender to define future priorities. The data of August-September revealed that the main challenge in the country was rights of prisoners, which was followed by civil rights, political rights, social and economic rights, etc. You will see more detailed information in the bulletin.

We hope you will find the bulletin interesting and useful.

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