Public Defender Establishes Discrimination Based on Dissent in Labour Relations

On January 30, 2024, the Public Defender of Georgia addressed Schirnhofer LLC with a recommendation regarding discrimination based on dissent.

According to the case materials, on the instructions of the company's management, expired products were sold in the branches of the company. According to the applicant, when he expressed his displeasure about the above, the management told him he could quit if he did not like working under the existing conditions. In addition, the employer changed the applicant's workplace, confiscated the necessary equipment for the job, and canceled his corporate phone number without warning. Finally, the applicant was fired.

The employer failed to present the appropriate evidence to the Public Defender's Office to refute the discriminatory treatment.

The Public Defender made a recommendation to Schirnhofer LLC to consider the possibility of restoring the labour relationship with the applicant and to create policy documents for combating and preventing discrimination in the workplace, as well as an effective anti-discrimination mechanism.

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