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The Public Defender addressed JSC Bank of Georgia with a General Recommendation on Avoiding Discrimination and Issues of Combating Discrimination

The Public Defender addressed JSC Bank of Georgia with a general recommendation on avoiding discrimination and issues of combating discrimination. The recommendation concerned an commercial advertisement of the Bank of Georgia where a man is likened to a an ATM or cash point machine while a woman , based on the script of the advertisement, seems to be materially dependent on the man. The name of the advertisement is so called kmarkomati which is roughly translated as husbandpoint. Since in the society cash points are seen as a simple way of getting finances the Public Defender considers the mentioned advert to carry sexist nature that establishes gender stereotype. Establishment of such stereotypes promotes deepening of discriminatory attitudes towards one of the sexes, promotes popularization of gender stereotypes established for centuries in detriment to one of the sexes and supports maintaining of such stereotypes. Such advertisements serve as a promotion to discrimination and justify discriminatory practice.

Given the situation that advertisements can play a positive role in destroying stereotypes and promote rise of gender equality, decrease violence against women and promote economic strengthening of women in Georgia the Public Defender calls on the JSC Bank of Georgia that has high ratings in the public, to avoid creation and dissemination of advertisement of such sexist nature and maximally support respecting women’s dignity and their presentation as equal to men while preparing advertisements.

The Public Defender also believes that conduction of trainings on gender equality for employees of the public relations department and persons responsible for advertisements of the Bank of Georgia will be timely and important.

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