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General proposal addressed to webpage on the issue of avoiding and combating discrimination

A general proposal of April 7, 2015 concerns gender-orientated language used in vacancy announcements published on the webpage – According to a survey conducted by the non-governmental organization “The article 42 of the Constitution” in the period from 2010 to October 2014, total of 71 360 advertisements were registered on the webpage. The above database reveals that 10.01 % of the vacancy announcements feature female-oriented language, while male-oriented wording is apparent in 24.02 % of the ads. More specifically, use of the word “male” was noted in 1088 cases of the database; phrase “pleasant appearance” was used in 1589 adverts; 780 announcements contained the word “stable”; while the word “female” was applied in 607 cases.

The Public Defender believes that publication of this kind of advertisements promoted establishment of discriminatory practice in labour relations. Majority of advertisements published on the webpage that contain indication to specific gender, appearance or marital status limits job-seekers in their right to work and access to labour, puts them in an unfavourable position compared to other individuals in similar situation.

Due to the fact that “” does not conduct filtration of vacancies that contain discriminatory wording, on one hand, encourages employers to disseminate discriminatory vacancy announcements and through them realize discrimination on the initial stage of employment while, on the other hand, also replicates discriminatory practice. And this once again encourages employers to carry out discrimination and hinders fight for elimination of discrimination in labour relations.

The Public Defender addressed the organization with the general proposal to elaborate regulations that would eradicate publication of discriminatory vacancy announcements on the webpage. Also, the Public Defender’s Office also expressed its readiness to assist the administration of “” in development of a guide that would simplify the task of limiting publication of discriminatory vacancy announcements.

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