Ongoing Projects

Joint Project of the Office of the Public Defender and UNHCR

Title of the Project:

Support to PDO to Enhance its Capacity to Address the Situation of Project Beneficiaries in Georgia

Project Status:

Ongoing (since 2015)

Project implementer:

The Office of the Public Defender of Georgia

Project funding:

UNHCR Representation in Georgia

Targeted group:

Stateless persons, asylum seekers, refugees and humanitarian status holders

Project description:

Joint project of Public Defender’s Office and UNHCR „Support to PDO to Enhance its Capacity to Address the Situation of Project Beneficiaries in Georgia”, has been implementing for the 5th year. In order to promote rights and entitlements of project beneficiaries throughout the country and promote compliance of Georgian legislation and practices with international standards this project aimed at monitoring of the situation of asylum-seekers, persons granted international protection and stateless persons, collect information from all stakeholders and engage in advocacy efforts on their behalf. Project studies, assesses and analyzes situation with regards to provide guaranty of legal protection from the state.

Drafting of subchapters of the Annual Parliamentary Report on “Situation of Human Rights and Freedoms in Georgia, on “Human Rights Situation of Asylum Seekers and Persons with International Protection” and “Human Rights Situation of Stateless Persons” with recommendations to relevant state bodies are planned within the Project.

The Project falls into several components and includes monitoring and awareness raising activities. Border monitoring for ensuring access to the asylum procedures and to the territory, respect of the non-refoulment principle and non-penalization for irregular border crossing of persons in need of international protection, Refugee and statelessness status determination procedures, penitentiary establishments and common court monitoring are the important components of the Project.

Contact persons:

Tamta Papuashvili: Project Coordinator

Tamar Gvaramadze: First Deputy Public Defender

Woking Hours: Monday–Friday 9:00–18:00
Hot line: 1481 (24/7)