Communications to the Committee of Ministers on the execution of judgments of the European Court of Human Rights.

Communication on Execution of ECHR Judgements relating to Tsintsabadze Group Cases

The Public Defender of Georgia submitted another communication to the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe about the execution of judgements of the cases of the Tsintsabadze Group.

The communication echoes the decision of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe of June 2023, the action plans submitted by the Government of Georgia, and evaluates the general measures taken by the Government to execute the cases of the Tsintsabadze Group.

The following issues are discussed in the communication:

  • The need to improve the mandate of the Special Investigation Service,
  • Incorrect classification of ill-treatment committed by law enforcement officers,
  • Reporting and detection of cases of ill-treatment, obstacles relating to telephone communication in penitentiary institutions,
  • Deficiencies of the Penal Code,
  • Video recording by law enforcement officers and in police institutions,
  • Compliance of the President's exclusive power of pardon with the standard of the European Convention on Human Rights,
  • Problematic practice of documenting arrests,
  • Use of handcuffs in penitentiary institutions,
  • Informal governance in penitentiary institutions,
  • Practice and regulation of placement of prisoners in de-escalation rooms,
  • Shortcomings of the 2024-2026 human rights action plan.

In addition, in the communication, recommendations are given to the authorities of Georgia to facilitate the execution of Tsintsabadze Group cases.

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