Online Meeting between Public Defender and Head of State Care and Trafficking Agency

On May 6, 2020, Nino Lomjaria, Public Defender of Georgia, held an online meeting with Meri Maglaperidze, Head of the State Care and Trafficking Agency, and received information about the working methods and activities of the Agency during the pandemic.

The Public Defender showed interest in the activities of social workers and psychologists, as well as in the method of processing cases and contacting persons in need. Particular attention was paid to the situation of children in state care. With regard to children living and working on the street, the Public Defender was informed that a special quarantine space had been arranged and the process of placing children in state care was actively ongoing.

The safety rules in the boarding houses for persons with disabilties and conditions in the Tbilisi and Kutaisi shelters for older people were also discussed. According to Meri Maglaperidze, the state has already started to test older people for coronavirus and special safety and prevention rules have been enacted.

With regard to the services for victims of domestic violence, the Public Defender asked questions about the overcrowding of shelters, conditions of the employed beneficiaries, and the measures aimed at employing beneficiaries and providing them with housing after they leave shelters.

The Public Defender of Georgia continues to monitor the delivery of state services during the coronavirus pandemic.

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