Public Defender's Office to be Involved in Examination of Investigation into Premeditated Murder of Giorgi Shakarashvili

On behalf of the Public Defender’s Office of Georgia, we once again express our sincere sympathy over the death of Giorgi Shakarashvili. After teenagers were killed on Khorava Street, it has been especially important for us to prevent and/or effectively respond to similar crimes.

The primary responsibility of the state authorities in any case of the loss of life is to conduct an effective investigation and to take all necessary measures to identify perpetrators.

On July 13, 2020, the Public Defender met with the family members of the deceased young man and heard their opinions on the progress of the case. The family supports the involvement of the Public Defender for the purpose of overseeing the investigation.

In addition, representatives of the Public Defender have already visited all the 17 defendants. The Office reiterates its readiness to meet and listen to the defendants’ lawyers along with examining the case in order to obtain more information about their concerns relating to the investigation and/or procedural violations.

The Public Defender’a Office will officially address the Prosecutor General's Office of Georgia to get access to the case materials in order to study the efficiency of the investigation and, on the other hand, to assess the rights situation of certain persons.

After the examination, we will provide the public with information about the progress of the case and our assessments. We believe that our assessment, as an unbiased party, will be important for the public and will contribute to the exercise of effective public control over the case.

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