Public Defender Responds to Video Showing Juvenile's Engagement

The Public Defender’s Office has launched an inquiry into a video showing an alleged offence. In particular, the video showing the engagement of a minor girl was spread via social networks on February 8, 2021. Authorized representatives of the Public Defender obtained additional information about the case and immediately provided it to the law enforcement agency.

Unfortunately, early and child marriages, as well as vicious engagement practices, are still common in Georgia. The cases examined by the Public Defender of Georgia show that the marriages are mostly forced and the result of illegal deprivation of liberty or an agreement between parents. The steps taken by the State, including in terms of prevention, fail to adequately respond to the challenges facing the country in this direction.

The Public Defender of Georgia considers it important for the law enforcement agency and the child care body to respond immediately to the above case, to prevent forced marriage and to investigate the neglect of the best interests of the child. It is necessary to work with the child and her family in this process. In addition, it is important to continue working with the community in order to prevent cases of early marriage and raise awareness of the criminal cases of child marriage.

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