Public Defender's Statement on Selection Contest of Judges

The Public Defender has been following the recent recruitment of judges by the High Council of Justice, as the process has a substantial impact on a state oriented to protection of human rights, rule of law and democratic order.

Prior to the stage of interviewing the candidates, the Public Defender of Georgia presented summarized information about the activities of individual judges to the Supreme Court and the High Council of Justice. The information was extracted from the Public Defender’s parliamentary reports and periodic recommendations submitted to the High Council of Justice. Ucha Nanuashvili hopes that the recommendations and reports prepared over the years will assist the High Council of Justice to make a fair decision.

Independent and impartial judiciary can be primarily guaranteed by the selection of the kind of personnel which fully meet the high status of a judge. The main axis of impeded function of the judiciary is a judge and therefore, it is necessary the state to ensure effective selection of the personnel.

The Public Defender considers that the Public Defender's monitoring results concerning the hearing of cases by common courts must be taken into account in the process of selection of judges.

The Public Defender presented his opinion on the appointment-promotion of judges to the High Council of Justice on 13 November 2015 as well.

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