Competition “Me Ombudsman 2013” Begins

On September 23, 2013 competition “Me – Ombudsman” is starting. The competition will be held in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia and with the financial support of the project of the European Union “Supporting the Public Defender’s Office”.
Pupils aged 13-18 can take part in the competition. Only 2 person teams are allowed to participate in the competition.
The competition consists of three stages, first and second stages are held online with the help of Public Defender’s website , the third final stage will be held in Public Defender’s Tbilisi office and regional offices.
In the first stage of the competition the competing team should answer 30 test questions no later than October 23, 2013; only those teams will be allowed to advance to the second stage that provide correct answers to minimum 25 questions.
Teams participating in the second stage of the competition will have to answer 20 test questions and one open question. Top ten teams that have will have the highest score in the test questions will be allowed to advance to the third and final stage.
In the final stage the teams will have to prepare a written resolution regarding a model human rights case.
The participating teams will be judged by an independent panel of judges that will identify three winning teams.
The winning teams will be awarded with personal computers and other valuable prizes!
In 2013 the competition “Me – Ombudsman” will be held for the fourth time.

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