Sexual Harassment

Public Defender Establishes Sexual Harassment in Labour Relations

On April 13, 2020, the Public Defender of Georgia addressed one of the heads of the Sheraton Metechi Palace Hotel, as well as Ras Al Khaimah InvestmentAuthority Georgia LLC, which owns the Sheraton Metechi Palace Hotel, with a recommendation.

The ground for making the recommendation was the application of a former employee of the Sheraton Metechi Palace Hotel, in which the applicant alleges that she was subjected to unwanted personal questions, comments and assignments at work, which created a hostile work environment and forced her to quit.

After analyzing the case materials, the Public Defender suspected that the applicant might be subjected to sexual harassment, while the arguments and evidence presented by the respondent did not turn out to be sufficient to dispel the suspicions.

Accordingly, the Public Defender of Georgia recommended the respondent not to commit sexual harassment in professional or other relations in the future and not to create an abusive, humiliating and inappropriate work environment for the employees. The Public Defender also recommended Ras Al Khaimah InvestmentAuthority Georgia, the owner of Sheraton Metechi Palace, to examine alleged cases of sexual harassment in the workplace in the future, so that to ensure that the company’s internal regulations on sexual harassment are not just of formal nature.

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