Sexual Harassment

Public Defender Finds Sexual Harassment in Labour Relations

The Public Defender of Georgia established sexual harassment against a woman employed in CD Company and addressed the director of the company with a recommendation on July 5, 2022, urging him not to harass employees sexually in the future and not to create insulting, humiliating and/or degrading environment for them. Sapari NNLE represented the interests of the applicant in the Public Defender’s Office.

The applicant was employed at CD Company. The director of the company started systematic correspondence with her on non-work matters almost immediately after she started to work for him. The woman explained to her boss from the very beginning that it was not acceptable to her to talk about her personal life, however, the employer kept asking questions about her private life and expressing interest towards her. The employer also actively followed the applicant's social network and shared his thoughts about her photos. After the applicant blocked the employer on all social networks, the director no longer liked her work and often expressed dissatisfaction. As a result, this woman also had to quit.

As a result of analyzing the circumstances and evidence in the case, the Public Defender established sexual harassment, which was reflected in unwanted correspondence of sexual content, creating a hostile, insulting and degrading environment for the applicant.

In view of the above, the Public Defender called on the company's manager to develop an internal organizational document, detailing the procedures for studying and appealing against alleged sexual harassment, in order to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace in the future.

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