Public Defender Establishes Discrimination against Child with Disabilities

The Public Defender of Georgia addressed the director of the Newton School of Robotics Ltd with a recommendation concerning the establishment of indirect discrimination on the ground of disability, as one of the students of the school was refused a pre-agreed service - to participate in an educational, social summer school.

The child would find it difficult to be alone in a foreign place due to his/her disability, while according to the school administration, the summer school would not consider his/her need to be accompanied by a grandmother.

The Public Defender examined the written positions submitted by the parties, as well as the orally expressed circumstances, and found that the arguments presented by the respondent failed to prove that it would be an excessive financial burden for the school to satisfy the juvenile's need.

In view of the above, the Public Defender called on the Director of the Newton School of Robotics Ltd to take into account the different needs of the recipients of the services offered by the school and to ensure the equal enjoyment of the services in the future.

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