Workshop on the Role of Ombudsman Institution in Protecting Whistleblowers’ Rights

On November 21-22, 2023, the Deputies of the Public Defender of Georgia, Tamar Gvaramadze and Elene Ghudushauri, participated in a working meeting held in Rabat (Kingdom of Morocco) relating to the role of the ombudsman institution in protecting the rights of whistleblowers.

For years now, the effective implementation of whistleblower regulations has become one of the important mechanisms for promoting the rule of law and combating corruption. Operation of this mechanism somehow ensures the introduction of standards of accountability, transparency and good faith in public institutions. The effectiveness of the whistleblowing mechanism is largely determined by the effective protection of the rights of whistleblowers. The legislation of Georgia designates the Public Defender’s Office as one of the bodies protecting the rights of whistleblowers and dealing with their notifications. Thus, it was very valuable for the Office to share the experience of Belgium, France, Malta, Canada and other countries on how to identify whistleblowers in various legal areas and exercise the authority to protect their rights or consider complaints.

The Public Defender’s Office plans to continue to share foreign experience in the future and to strengthen efforts for the protection of the rights of whistleblowers.

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