Monitoring Report on Day Care Centers for Persons with Disabilities

The Public Defender of Georgia has published a special report drawn up on the basis of the findings of the monitoring conducted at day care centers for persons with disabilities.

The monitoring was conducted within the framework of the monitoring of the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, with the aim of assessing the quality of the provision of the day care center service and the standards of the service.

The monitoring of day care centres made it clear that some service providers do not properly comply with the requirements of the state programme or the standards. Inter alia, the maintenance of documentation is faulty, the data on service recipients is not systematized, only a limited number of beneficiaries has information about the activities of day care centres and the services available in the centres.

The staff of some centers do not have adequate knowledge relating to the protection of confidentiality of beneficiaries' personal information. Service providers are not fully aware of the essence or importance of their obligation to protect confidentiality.

Persons employed in day care centres do not have information on the mechanisms of detection of alleged violence against persons with disabilities, have not been trained in this direction, do not have information or have little information about child protection referral procedures. The monitoring showed that day centres do not use the above procedures.

Not all services are tailored to the individual needs, functional capabilities or disabilities of beneficiaries. Individual rehabilitation/habilitation plans are faulty and beneficiaries or their legal representatives are not involved in the developmeent of plans. The feedback and protest procedures are formal in practice.

The amount of the voucher provided for the day centre service is a serious challenge. Due to low funding, it is not possible to provide centres with all the necessary specialists, experienced or qualified staff, which poses a serious threat to the rehabilitation of persons with disabilities and hinders the proper implementation of services provided for by the standards and the state programme.

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