Study of Death of the Prisoner in the Geguti N 14 Penitentiary Institution

The Public Defender has started to study the death case of a prisoner A.M. in the Geguti N 14Penitentiary Institution. The representatives of the Public Defender met personally and held a discussion with the sell-mates of deceased prisoner and the administration of the prison. According to the information of prisoners, on March, 24, in the early morning, the prisoner A.M. was found dead by his cell-mates, who had informed an inspector on duty about it. Presumably, a prisoner had died several hours earlier, before he was found. The investigation about the mentioned fact has already been started, the forensic expertise conducted, the outcomes of which will be available on a later stage.

The Public Defender will closely monitor the process of investigation, learn about the outcomes of forensic expertise and act accordingly.

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