Public Defender requests legal and financial assistance for the Elementary School of Dzibakhevi

On 14 May 2014, Public Defender of Georgia has submitted recommendation to the Minister of Education and Science of Georgia to request legal and financial assistance for the Elementary School of the village Dzibakhevi.

The relevant primary classes are located in the wrecked building made of planks by the initiative of local residents of the village of Dzibakhevi of the Municipality of Akhmeta. The building has cracks, the stove can’t warm the rooms in winter and 9 pupils don’t attend the classes. Due to an absence of transportation the parents of the pupils refuse sending their children to the nearest public school which is located in the village of Birkaani 2 kilometres away from Dzibakhevi..

The Public Defender deems necessary to allocate more finances from the state budget for such villages and the areas mostly populated by ethnic minorities as to ensure an equal access to education. In addition, all legal and financial means must be sought in order to provide a safe building for undisturbed continuation of educational process in the village Dzibakhevi

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