Special Report of the Public Defender of Georgia “Zardiaantkari: Consequences of War and the Burden of Existence”

The Georgian authorities restored the control over the village of Zardiaantkari in summer 2012. Though, due to acute social, economic and infrastructural problems locals are unable and unwilling to return to the village. Around 30 families from the village continue to live in a kindergarten building in Gori town.
Majority of houses in the village are damaged and unsuitable for habitation. Though, the compensation of 15 000 USD was only allocated to 3 families whose houses were completely burnt down during the war.
Despite intensive rehabilitation works the village still remains without drinking and irrigation water, there is no gas supplied to the residents.
For the decent return of the population of Zardiaantkari and for the improvement of demographic situation in the village, the Public Defender prepared recommendations for local and central authorities.

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