Special Reports

Findings and Recommendations of Monitoring of Implementation of 2018-2020 National Action Plan for Women, Peace and Security

The present report provides results of the Public Defender’s monitoring of the implementation of the 2018-2020 National Action Plan for Women, Peace and Security. The purpose of the monitoring was to evaluate the implementation of the measures provided for in the Action Plan and the results achieved to identify shortcomings and main gaps.

As part of the monitoring, information was requested from state agencies implementing the activities under the Action Plan. Focus group meetings were held with women living in the IDP settlements and villages along the dividing line in various regions of Georgia. Meetings were also held with representatives of non-governmental organizations and self-governing bodies. Due to the limitations of the Covid Pandemic, the above mentioned meetings were held online.

The monitoring results show that equal participation of women in peace, security and reconciliation processes remains a challenge in Georgia, both locally and internationally. There are still no specific psycho-social rehabilitation and reproductive health services. Under the new coronavirus pandemic, the burden of unpaid domestic labor on women has increased. Women’s economic well-being has been put at risk and gender-based violence has increased. As a result of transport restrictions, there has been a problem with transportation, access to medicines and food, including baby food, both in and outside the Georgian-controlled territories.

We express our hope that the recommendations will assist the agencies to develop the next National Action Plan. In addition, focusing on the problems posed during the pandemic, the report will assist in taking proactive steps to protect and assist IDP and conflict - affected women and girls.

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