Information Bulletin

Information Bulletin N8 - September, 2014

On October 9, 2014 the Public Defender presented information bulletin N8 that depicts activities conducted in September. The main topic of interest in September was situation in penitentiary establishments. Despite the fact that torture is no longer a prevailing factor in penitentiary facilities and medical service in prisons has improved, death of three inmates in three days once again confirms that serious problems exist in the penitentiary system pertaining to life, health and security protection of prisoners and practice of prison management needs to be reviewed.

Situation with regards to protection of religious and other minorities, and particularly developments in Kobuleti, was emphasized in the bulletin. The Public Defender believes that when on the course of one month representatives of the Muslim community are deprived of possibility to teach in accordance with their religious beliefs it is the direct obligation of the state to eradicate such facts of human rights violation and to call what is happening in Kobuleti what it really is – a crime of religious intolerance.

The bulletin encompasses information on meetings of the Public Defender, as well as his statements, views and attitudes towards current events in the country; changes in the Public Defender’s Office; news on the human rights situation in the international community.

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