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Bulletin, Periodic Edition -July, 2015

The July bulletinreflects important activities of the Public Defender and his office. You will learn about the Public Defender’s annual report presented to the Parliament, where Ucha Nanuashvili talked about the situation of human rights in the country and answered the MP’s questions. As per the Parliament’s decree, the Human Rights Committee will monitor implementation of the recommendations included in the Public Defender’s report.

The bulletin also provides information about the visit of the Public Defender and his representatives to the United Kingdom and the official meetings held with the heads of organizations working on conflict transformation issues.

In July the Public Defender provided explanations concerning the assessment made by Transparency International - Georgia about the National Integrity System of Georgia and referred to the inaccuracies in the report; presented monitoring results of small group homes carried out by the Center of Child's Rights and the National Preventive Mechanism; addressed the government and local self- governmental bodies with about ten recommendations and proposals; presented a proposal to the Parliament on introduction of a temporary quota mechanism for ensuring gender balance between political candidates; held a public debate on: the state is ready or not to solve the problems of eco-migrants.

Many other interesting and important events took place in July, detailed information of which is available in the bulletin.

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