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Bulletin- Periodic Edition #10, November, 2014

On December 13, 2014, the Public Defender presented information bulletin N10. The document encompasses information on meetings, statements, opinions and attitudes towards developments in the country of the Public Defender; also, activities of the Public Defender’s Office; new developments in the human rights sphere internationally.

The bulletin presents the major event in the human rights sphere of the country of November - alleged facts of inhuman and degrading treatment in the penitentiary establishment N8. It remains to be very alarming that in most cases, investigations into alleged offences identified in the penitentiary system are conducted by the Ministry of Corrections and not the Prosecutor’s office.

The bulletin also refers to the International Tolerance Day events that was organized on quite a large-scale; Also, it describes the 16-day international campaign against gender violence that started from November 25 in connsection with the International Day of Elimination of Violence against Women and which aimed at raising of public awareness and demonstration of solidarity with victims of the gender violence.

The bulletin also includes recommendations for representatives of local self-governing bodies on assistance to socially vulnerable.

November was a very busy month with respect to various meetings. The bulletin will let you know details of meetings with the Ukrainian Parliamentary Commissioner for Human Rights Valeria Lutkovska and the delegation of the Ukrainian Government and Parliament; information on a meeting with the new Head of the European Union Delegation to Georgia Janos Herman; meeting of members of the Council of the Ethnic Minorities and Religions of the Public Defender and the Ossetian Forum with the President of Georgia.

The bulletin also provides information on establishment of the Department of Equality at the Public Defender’s Office and start of its activities. The department will monitor implementation of the Law of Georgia “On elimination of all forms of Discrimination”. Also, in the statistical section, you will see that in the very first month, the Department of Equality already began working on 10 cases based on applications received from citizen. Also, you will receive information on other changes that are taking place in the Public Defender’s Office of Georgia.

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