International Organizations

European Network of Ombudsmen (ENO)

Following the granting of EU candidate member status to Georgia, the Public Defender of Georgia became a member of the European Network of Ombudsmen (ENO).

The European Network of Ombudsmen (ENO), founded in 1996, is an informal network of ombudsmen and other human rights organizations. The aim of ENO is to exchange information on EU legislation and policies, as well as to share best practices between member institutions. The European Ombudsman is responsible for coordinating the European network of ombudsmen.

The European network of ombudsmen unites more than 95 representations in 36 European countries, including national and regional ombudsmen from EU member states, EU candidate countries and European Economic Area countries, as well as the European Ombudsman and the Committee on Petitions of the European Parliament.

To safeguard people’s rights under EU law, the Network facilitates cooperation between ombudsmen on matters of common interest. Through parallel investigations, the European Ombudsman and ENO members work together to look into issues that involve the EU administration and national or regional administrations.

Members of the European Network of Ombudsmen can also usequeriesto ask questions about EU legislation.

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