Recommendations of the Public Defender to Government and Local Self-Governing Bodies

On May 25, 2015, at the Parliamentary Committee of Human Rights and Civil Integration, Public Defender Ucha Nanuashvili presented recommendations that were issued towards state authority and local self-governing bodies in 2014. In his speech, the Public Defender noted that he repeated those recommendations in the annual report that, in his opinion, need to be urgently and undoubtedly taken into account by respective bodies.

While addressing the committee, the Public Defender spoke about maintaining the existing format between the Parliament and the Public Defender. He gave a positive assessment to the fact that certain agencies have already started working on fulfillment of the Public Defender’s recommendations though until complete elimination of existing problems the case cannot be considered completed.

When discussing recommendations issued with regards to legislative changes, the Public Defender reviewed laws comprehensive enforcement of which need development of additional regulations.

Committee members attending the session received comprehensive information from the Public Defender and members of the Public Defender’s Office regarding all their questions.

In the nearest future, the Parliamentary Committee of Human Rights and Civil Integration will develop a draft decree of the Georgian Parliament on recommendations that were reflected in the Public Defender Parliamentary Report for 2014.


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