Special Reports

Special Report on Implementation of Tasks Set Forth in Parliamentary Resolution

For the first time this year, the Public Defender presented a special report detailing the implementation of the tasks assigned to state agencies by the 20 September resolution of the Parliament of Georgia on the basis of the 2018 report of the Public Defender of Georgia on the situation of human rights and freedoms in Georgia.

The Public Defender made 310 recommendations to the state agencies and local self-government bodies in the 2018 parliamentary report. The Parliament of Georgia endorsed about 78% (244 recommendations) of them and issued 259 tasks to ensure their implementation.

The Parliament did not endorse 60 recommendations set forth in the Public Defender's 2018 parliamentary report, the main part of which was aimed at protecting the rights of foreign nationals, including asylum seekers and stateless persons, improving the rights situation of the LGBT+ community and homeless people and providing education about sexual and reproductive health and rights. Significant part of the recommendations was also aimed at increasing the quality of transparency in the law enforcement agencies.

According to the special report of the Public Defender, 20% of the tasks can be evaluated as implemented according to the measures taken by the state agencies, 19% can be evaluated as partially implemented and 57% - as not implemented. The Public Defender considers that despite the fact that the Parliament of Georgia endorsed most of the recommendations of the Public Defender and made it mandatory for the state agencies to implement them, the implementation rate is unsatisfactory.

The Parliament of Georgia adopts a resolution on the basis of the annual report of the Public Defender of Georgia. Thus the Parliament evaluates the Public Defender’s report on the situation of human rights and freedoms in the country and instructs the state agencies to implement the recommendations set forth in the report. The assignment of tasks by the Parliament subjects the implementation of recommendations made by the Public Defender to parliamentary supervision. The implementation of the tasks issued by the Parliament is monitored by the Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights and Civil Integration.

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