Public Defender Finds Discrimination Based on Trade Union Membership in Glovo Courier Case

On March 15, 2023, the Public Defender addressed Glovoapp Georgia LLC with a recommendation to eliminate discrimination in labour relations on the ground of trade union membership.

The applicant pointed out that Glovo restricted his access to the application on the grounds that he had spoken up about the problems encountered by the couriers and had demanded an appropriate response. In the position presented to the Public Defender, the company indicated that they had blocked the application for the applicant due to his misconduct, however, they did not provide any proof of the misconduct.

As the examination of the case revealed, restriction of the applicant’s access to the application coincided with the expression of dissenting opinions by him and his trade union activity.

The Public Defender established discrimination in relation to persons working through platforms against Bolt Food couriers for the first time, and was then guided by the latest standards developed by international institutions and courts of different countries. The Public Defender considered that the persons working through platforms were persons in labour relations with the company and, therefore, had the right to benefit from labour guarantees. So, in the Glovo case, the Public Defender used the standards already established by the Office.

As a result, the Public Defender gave a recommendation to the company to immediately restore the applicant's access to the application.

The Public Defender’s Office continues to study the applications of other persons working through platforms.

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