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Website of thePublic Defender of Georgiaincludes a search system of legal acts allowing to search for various documents and information files that might be of interest.

Codex –is a Latin word and means “book”

A code presents compilation of a system of laws and provisions.It is a unified, systematic legal act that regulates certain field of social relations.

Lawpresents a legal act adopted by the supreme representative body of the country through a special procedure that regulates most important social relations. Law is the most common form for defining the majority of constitutional legal acts that are adopted on the bases of provisions and principles of the Constitution.

Constitutional Lawregulates particular aspects of social life or governmental activities, however its legal power and process of adoption does not differ from the Constitution. Constitutional law allows certain amendments or modifications to be introduced into the text of current Constitution, after that the constitutional law seizes to exist as an independent legislative act.

Organic Lawis a specific source of constitutional legislation. Adoption of organic law is directly stated in the Constitution. The essence of organic law is that it appends Constitution without changing its basic principles and without modifying its substance.

Since 2011 SakanonmdebloMatsne is available in a new format and offers freely accessible, secure, constantly refreshable official website –,where one can find legislative acts released by all governmental bodies, international treaties, decisions of the Constitutional Court of Georgia, acts of local self-governments and public announcements –“SakartvelosSakanonmdebloMatsne”

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