Public Defender of Georgia Responds to the Use of Sexist Terms towards Women

The Public Defender of Georgia is concerned about the increased use of sexist terms by politicians and public officials towards women involved in political and public life, including politician Tinatin Bokuchava and journalist Inga Grigolia.

It is alarming that authors of sexist phrases are often politicians, including elected male members of elective bodies - parliament and city councils. Their opinions are not based on objective or professional criticism, but are conditioned by gender stereotypes and emphasize the sex and sexuality of the victim.

It should be noted that the use of similar sexist phrases towards women is a method of political fight, which is aimed not at criticizing or opposing, but degrading active women involved in political and public life.

Analysis of similar cases makes it clear that women that are actively involved in public and political life and whose activities are related to discussion of taboo topics, try to break the culture of silence and change stereotypes, are under increased risks of violence and discrimination as a result of the existing gender inequality in the country.

The individuals involved in political processes should be aware that they have a special responsibility in combating violence against women and achieving equality, since the opinions expressed by them can influence the formation of public opinion.

In addition, in response to the attempts to remove women from political and public life, it is necessary to hold authors of sexist phrases politically responsibille that would have a deterrent effect on the spread of phrases encouraging discrimination and violence in the future.

Taking into consideration the above, the Public Defender of Georgia urges politicians and each person who have public functions to refrain from using discriminatory phrases and promote gender equality while performing their duties. In addition, it is important that a code of ethics be developed in all public institutions, which would provide for a legal sanction for the use of sexist or discriminatory terms.

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