October 17 Is Veterans Day

The Public Defender of Georgia congratulates all veterans on the Veterans Day and thanks them for their service and dedication to the homeland. Every veteran is important for the country and is an example for future generations.

The Public Defender of Georgia pays particular attention to the protection of veterans' rights. We are trying to identify human rights violations related to veterans and find ways to address them.

One of the successful cases was the issuance of a GEL 22 subsidy that had not been equally provided to all veterans. In order to address this shortcoming, the Public Defender of Georgia filed a constitutional lawsuit, as a result of which, since May 29, 2019, on the basis of the governmental decree, the subsidy has been equally provided to all veterans. The amendment allowed about 23 000 veterans to claim their subsidy.

It should also be noted that the Parliament endorsed the Public Defender's recommendation in its 2018 Resolution on the Report of the Public Defender of Georgia on the Situation of Human Rights and Freedoms and instructed the Ministry of Finance to increase revenue tax benefits to GEL 6 000 for veterans and to GEL 9 000 for veterans with first-degree or significant disablities from 2020.

The Public Defender of Georgia, within the mandate granted to her, continues to actively protect veterans’s rights.

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