Training on Issues relating to Stateless Persons

On 10-11 September 2019, training was held for representatives of the Public Defender’s Office, state agencies and NGOs, where Nina Murray, Head of Policy and Research at European Network on Statelessness, spoke about the basics of statelessness, European standards and framework of prevention and reduction, importance of procedures for determining the status and the best practices of European countries.

Special attention was paid to the role and recommendations of the Public Defender's Office for the improvement of the rights situation of stateless persons, as well as the activities of relevant state agencies, NGOs and international organizations to promote determination of the status, use of public services and engagement in the integration process. The Public Service Development Agency presented the vision and national action plan of the state. A representative of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees spoke about the new developments relating to the 10-year-old #IBELONG global campaign. The Center for Innovations and Development focused on the challenges relating to the identification of stateless persons and provided training participants with information about the problems encountered during the examination of specific cases.

At the end of the training, discussion was held about the protection of stateless persons and improvement of and access to socio-economic rights.

The event was organized with the financial support of the UNHCRRegional Representative in theSouth Caucasus within the framework of a project called “Support to the Public Defender's Office in Studying the Situation of Project Beneficiaries”.

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