Meetings in Akhmeta Municipality

On 13 September 2019, Natia Pitskhelauri and Eter Shiukashvili, employees of the Kakheti Office of Eastern Division of the Public Defender's Office, met with Ioseb Karumashvili, Mayor of Akhmeta Municipality, and discussed the municipality's infrastructure challenges, including poor availability of potable water, damaged roads and problems in kindergartens, as well as the situation of gender equality and protection of the rights of persons with disabilities.

On the same day, representatives of the Public Defender visited the Kakheti Regional Development Foundation and met with its staff, as well as representatives of Pankisi Women's Council, Pankisi Community Union and USAID Growth Project.

Activities of the organizations, ongoing projects, the need for empowerment of women in the municipality and the importance of involvement of the Public Defender in this direction were also discussed at the meeting. In addition, participants of the meeting listened to the problems of the Pankisi rural population.

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