Recommendation to the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia

On June 27, 2014, representatives of Public Defender of Georgia studied physical environment, sanitary-hygienic conditions of the public school of village Tsvirmi and met with the school director and teachers.

The building of the school is damaged and 10 classrooms operate in threatening conditions. The odor of dampness and varieties of mushrooms on the walls of some classrooms were identified on spot. Water supply and central heating systems are not installed. Toilets and bathrooms do not satisfy minimum standards; the school also lacks buffet and nurse office.

Children from the village Ieli also study in public school of the village Tsvirmi. In spite of difficult geographical and climate situation, the transportation for pupils is not provided.

National legislation and international legal standards impose an obligation on the State on the one hand to ensure effective functioning of the educational institutions in the country, promoting safe and adequate physical environment for children, realizing the right of access to quality education within the limits of positive obligations and on the other hand not to make unlawful and arbitrary interference in the protected field in the limits of negative obligation.

Public Defender addressed the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia with the recommendation to provide the public school of the village Tsvirmi of Mestia District with a new building, which will be adjusted to the needs of children with disabilities/children with special educational needs, to introduce a program of inclusive education, carry out financial and legal measures for improvement of safe and relevant physical environment, sanitary-hygienic conditions

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